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Most Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What is Jimmy's Kids and how did it get started?
A: Jimmy's Kids was started in 1989 by youth advocate and national youth speaker Jim Tuman of Royal Oak, Michigan. We have grown from our initial program serving 22 kids at Dewey School in 1989 to this year's program which has received requests from schools, churches and neighborhood associations for thousands of children.

Q: Who are Jimmy's Kids?
A: Originally started for special needs children ages 4 - 11. We find now that the need in this economy is so great we've expanded our reach to many others. This includes families who were once donors and now find themselves in a situation where they have become recipients. We try not to turn anyone away.

Q: How is Jimmy's Kids funded and is it tax deductible?
A: Jimmy's Kids is funded by private contributions of toys and dollars from over 200 businesses, individuals, families, churches, hospitals, organizations and other charities. Jimmy's Kids is a 501(C)3 charity.

Q: What does the Jimmy's Kids Program actually do?
A: The Jimmy's Kids Program creates Christmas Parties involving games, food, local sports celebrities, sports team mascots, animal characters, Santa Claus -- and most of all -- gifts and much needed warm clothing. The Jimmy's Kids Programs are held on a school, church, or neighborhood association site. Staff supervision and over 500 volunteers (high school and others) help make the Christmas Parties memorable ones for these forgotten children.

Q: How can I support Jimmy's Kids?
A: You can volunteer to become part of the events by offering your time, shopping ability or any other area of expertise which will delight a child and also meet your needs. Or you can contribute toys, school supplies, clothing and other related items that you believe will enhance the quality of life for these children.

Send a donation made payable to:
Jimmy's Kids, PO Box 150, Clawson, MI 48017

Contact Jim Tuman for more information at 248-585-1515.

Organize a Toy Drive
on behalf of Jimmy's Kids

Jimmy's Kids Donation Form

Email: jim@jimtuman.com

Phone: 248-585-1515


Jimmy's Kids

Remembering the forgotten children at Christmas

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