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Change the climate, change the culture

Jimmy Tuman walks his talk as he teaches audiences to live fully in the present moment and act on the goals and interests we all hold dear. The following is a list of several of his many outstanding accomplishments:

 Graduate of Michigan State University. Honored as a 2012 Distinguished Alumni in Humanities.

 Developed three national programs dealing with youth, women, and returning veterans.

 Has appeared on broadcast TV, including: ABC, NBC, CBS national news, The Today Show and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

 Has been featured in leading publications, including: Newsweek, USA Today, Business Week, Chicago Sun Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Newsday, Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, and the New York Times.

 Was invited by fourteen world leaders to talk about the breakdown of families.

 Has been the subject of a nationwide documentary shown throughout Japan.

 Jim believes in balance in his life and so has done such diverse things as being a circus clown, rodeo rider, symphony musician, cake decorator, and parade enthusiast.

 Served as a famine relief worker in Ethiopia and worked as a roadee with the rock band Journey.

 Passed the milestone of speaking to more than two million students in more than 2000 schools nationwide.

 Named 2000 Michiganian of the Year by The Detroit News.

 2002 RARE Award Winner for Public Service Excellence.

 34 State and National Awards for service performance.

 Featured performance in the critically acclaimed national movie "A Girl Like Her" (2015).

 Spoke at TEDx Talk (Fall 2015).

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