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Each of the following seminars are separate but can be combined or tailored to meet the needs of any school or organization:

1. Positive School Support Program (One Day Program)
This program includes a Student Assembly which bonds teens together and reveals put downs for what they really are. The staff in-service helps to spot kids at risk and walks them through to a workable solution. This session also helps educators with prevention techniques. The Parent's Program portion helps parents learn to communicate with their children in a supportive and non-judgmental way.

2. Staff In-Service (2 Hours)
Jim Tuman, one of the founders of the Optimists/4H Center to combat the problem of at-risk youth, will bring insight into solutions for the classroom teacher and support staff. This will include a cooperative effort developmental plan to lessen critical problems of teen suicide, teen pregnancy, drop out rate, teen violence and drug abuse. Your staff will develop greater awareness skills, which could save a child's life.

3. Parent & Teen Program (2 Hours)
The greatest fear of a parent is the loss of a child. Drug abuse, teen suicide, teen pregnancy, and teen violence are all out of control. In this program you will learn to work from a position of awareness and control instead of fear. This evening program brings students and parents together in a safe arena to exchange concerns and develop solutions to communication problems. More than 200,000 parents have attended this evening session and hundreds of parent support groups have been created as a result of it.

4. Goal Setting Assembly (90 Minutes)
Today's pressures to compete and succeed have created tremendous stress on young people. Priorities for many young people seem to be constantly in turmoil. Schools and teachers are being affected by this shift and are becoming more disciplinarians, counselors, and surrogate parents rather than educators. Valuable classroom time is spent keeping "law and order" rather than on focused accomplishments. More than 50,000 students have learned new skills and have successfully achieved short and long term goals, while gaining greater self-esteem through completed tasks. Follow-up materials and classroom exercises enhance the long-term impact of this program.

5. Community Leaders Talk (2 Hours)
Unifying a community to rally around building self esteem in children has long been a major problem for educators and administrators. Low self-esteem has been considered the common thread affecting our young people today. Peer pressure leads to at-risk situations for kids. This talk includes a developmental one-year plan in which educators, religious leaders, youth service workers, businessmen, and service agency leaders focus on critical issues facing youth in their community. The key to this program is facing the problems with a long-term prevention plan as well as short-term goals to meet current critical issues.

For details on one school's experience, read this letter from Grant Public Schools in Grant, Michigan.

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In addition to conducting these programs, Jim has been the speaker at 72 high school commencement programs in the last 5 years. He has served as keynote speaker for conferences, parents programs and workshops on the following topics:

•  Solutions to at-risk youth in our society.
•  Taking the fear out of parenting.
•  Creating a positive school environment.
•  Self-esteem - the key to solving the problems of today's youth.
•  What are you going to do with the time that you have left?
•  New directions of education in the 21st century.
•  Creating a plan to control substance abuse in your community.
•  Learning balance - moving toward a totally fulfilled life.
•  Learning to lose without losing who you are.

Call 248-585-1515 for a breakdown of program content on the above keynote addresses.

Read Jimmy's Open Letter To Schools

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Self Directed Goals Program

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Jimmy Tuman

      "Happy People Live Outside Themselves."


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