Jimmy Tuman, National Youth Speaker

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Creating an environment in schools where kids feel safe, valued and loved.            

The "Tuman Effect" is a documentary about Jimmy Tuman and his work with kids. His life purpose is helping youths cope with the issues of bullying, teen suicide and alienation. It recently aired on Detroit Public Television and can be viewed here (on right) or on Jimmy's YouTube Channel.

Save Lives - Curb Teen Suicide
Jimmy's Kids, a charity started in 1988 that serves 25,000 indigent kids by national youth speaker, Jim Tuman, is expanding its mission.

Teen suicide, teen violence and bullying are at an epidemic crisis resulting in tens of thousands of lost lives of children.

Several of Jim's programs dealing with these topics; Voice of Reason, Circle of Influence and goal programs already have a great track record of 15+ years of success in schools. His new endeavors, such as the national movie "A Girl Like Her" in which he had a role and a PBS documentary on Jim Tuman's work and his fight for solutions, provide great insight and call to action to alleviate these problems.

The goal of $15,000 is to expand these programs to encompass 100 schools. Many programs will be initiated and led by the outstanding high school sophomores who have attended HOBY Leadership Conferences (Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership).

Because of the day-to-day crisis of these issues, we are looking for immediate donations to hit the ground running in the 2016-17 school year.

We are excited about the challenge and desperately need your help.

Please click the Go Fund Me Button to the left and donate today.

After speaking to over two million young people in more than 2000 schools, I have coined the phrase "Safe, Valued & Loved" for the mission of schools and parents. In our culture today, it is just not happening. What would you give as a parent, educator or great friend for ideas to help your son, daughter or others feel this way, both physically and emotionally "Safe, Valued & Loved"?

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Email: jim@jimtuman.com

Phone: 248-585-1515


Jimmy Tuman

      "Happy People Live Outside Themselves."


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