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Change the climate, change the culture

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Save Lives - Curb Teen Suicide
Jimmy's Kids, a charity started in 1988 that serves 25,000 indigent kids by national youth speaker, Jim Tuman, is expanding its mission.

Teen suicide, teen violence and bullying are at an epidemic crisis resulting in tens of thousands of lost lives of children.

Several of Jim's programs dealing with these topics; Voice of Reason, Circle of Influence and goal programs already have a great track record of 15+ years of success in schools. His new endeavors, such as the national movie "A Girl Like Her" in which he had a role and a PBS documentary on Jim Tuman's work and his fight for solutions, provide great insight and call to action to alleviate these problems.

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Letters to Jimmy
Seeing the world through the souls of kids

Jim Tuman receives and answers hundreds of telephone calls and letters each year from teenagers, telling him how he has touched their lives. This book highlights some of those letters, illustrating what kids are going through in these turbulent times. He offers insights and gives action steps to help parents and teachers deal with these issues. Tuman's message is inspirational and universal. The Los Angeles Times wrote a story headed "The man who makes teenagers cry" and was accompanied by several photographs of a roomful of high school students clutching each other and weeping. Jim has recently been featured in a movie "A Girl Like Her" with millions of views world-wide. He did a local TEDxTalk and PBS did a documentary about his life called "The Tuman Effect."

Jimmy's Kids Needs Your Help!

Picture this scene: A destitute child sitting alone on Christmas Day without a single gift or minute of joy. Believe it or not, this heartbreaking situation happens to thousands of innocent children every year. But you can change this picture and make a real difference with your support of Jimmy's Kids.

Since 1988, Jimmy's Kids has served the littlest ones, the disadvantaged who would otherwise be forgotten... those who are indigent, physically or emotionally impaired and in some cases, parentless. We operate with hundreds of volunteers to take care of these forgotten kids and families in need. And we don't turn anyone away.

Now, Jimmy's Kids receives requests for help from schools, hospitals, churches, neighborhood associations and families. Our goal is to provide a Christmas to over 25,000 needy children with toys, food and clothing items that spring from your donations. The need is urgent. Please send your contribution today along with the completed donation form and take the opportunity to honor a loved one with a special holiday gift.

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Email: jim@jimtuman.com

Phone: 248-585-1515


Remembering the forgotten children at Christmas

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