Jimmy Tuman, National Youth Speaker

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Portage Public Schools
Portage Central High School
8111 S. Westnedge Avenue, Portage, MI 49002

June 1, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

This spring we had the privilege of having Jim Tuman present our students and staff about the effects of their actions and words on others. His approach is caring and non-judgmental, encompassing all fractions that affect the young person's life: their friends, their families, their teachers and educators, and the community at large. Through his presenter title the best things in life aren't things, he addressed self-esteem in peer pressure. Students and staff alike commented favorably about his message, taking the time to visit with him after the presentation to share personal stories and reflect on how his words change their view of the world around them. And many students sought him out during lunch so that they could thank him for opening their eyes to recognize their own self-worth and potential so they can live out their own dreams, not the dreams of others.

Through his presentation titled "Taking the Fear out of Parenting" to our parents, Jim spoke to parents about how to better communicate with their teenagers. He provided answers to common parenting frustrations and gave parents ideas about how to open the lines of communication with their children, in an effort to create a healthier relationship with them.

We hope to bring Jim back for another presentation in the future. Through his many years of working with youth, he has kept in touch with their view of the world around them and has a knack for drawing them in and getting them to think about their relationships with others. Jim has an unbelievable gift of being able to communicate with teenagers. He has a sincere passion for helping kids build positive relationships with their peers and their parents.

Respectfully submitted,
Kim Loomis
Assistant Principal

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Jimmy Tuman

      "Happy People Live Outside Themselves."


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